About Xzact

It always begins with an idea. An entrepreneurial vision and belief that with the right effort and best practices you can make a difference. That was how Xzact Technologies was formed.

Each part of this organization is unique and different by design. From the spelling and meaning of the Corporate Name to the roles and responsibilities of the executive team; we are different. It is our belief that in an industry that is significantly “craft” based, the executive staff must understand how & why the organization does the things that we do. The days of the disassociated management staff that does not understand the services it sells or take ownership and responsibility for its staff is over. From the CEO to each field technician, we burn with the passion for the solutions we sell and the processes that make each engagement and each relationship successful.

When XZact Technologies was formed and the concept committed to paper, the first goal was to identify the best and the brightest people in our industry. People we knew and trusted to do the right thing by the company and by our customers. People that always retained a “Can Do” spirit when brought a challenge.

Finally, we defined our “Cornerstones for Excellence” that XZact brings to each client: Vision, Passion & Expertise. We carry these with us to every meeting, every opportunity & every engagement.

Our challenge to each client is “Let us show you what we can do for you so your organization will begin to see what we see”.

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