Xzact has been delivering PLi, Data Centers, Enterprise Voice, and Security Solutions since January 2006. These are some examples of projects completed by our team.



Phase 1 - Our initial engagement focused on analyzing the current physical layer infrastructure products and processes being utilized by WIPRO data centers both domestically and internationally. In conjunction with the WIPRO IT Team, Xzact redefined and established a new physical layer data center standard which is being utilized in both their US and International data centers. Factors such as fiber-copper density, 10-40--100 gig migration pathway, cabinet interoperability, LAN, SAN, OOB Hardware platforms, logical management and deployment strategies were all key factors that were evaluated. The new DC platform is in strict compliance with the TIA/EIA 942 standard.

Phase 2– the second phase of the project engagement involved designing the physical layer infrastructure of the building IT and Data Hall A (22,000 square feet).

WIPRO’S master plan of deploying five (5) additional Data Halls (B-F) was a critical factor in establishing the “PASSIVE” MDA which will service all future Data Halls. Xzact’s design team worked closely with the WIPRO facility-IT Team, architect, MEP and general contractor to deliver a design which reflected the newly established standards however working within the constraints of the building and construction deadlines.

The design consisted of the following:

Facility-Building IT Infrastructure

  • Fiber and copper distribution system for building IT. Xzact’s design consisted of a common 10 gig armored fiber backbone for data, voice, access control and security.
  • MTR and TR closets layout.
  • Cable plant distribution.
  • Rack Elevation
  • Building Wide Cable Tray Distribution

942 Compliant Data Hall A Design

  • Design service offering the areas identified as Network Core, SAN Backbone, Mainframe Backbone, Stand Alone Hardware, Mainframe CEC’s, NETPOP/MDA, access layer (Customer) rows in the Data Hall.
  • Logical fiber and copper connectivity details
  • Multi-tiered cable tray design-pathways-elevations
  • LAN, SAN and OOB fiber and copper distribution system
  • Network and Server Cabinet Configuration
  • Floor cut locations for fiber-copper distribution and PDU’s
  • Cabinet Elevations
  • Grounding and Bonding detail
  • In-Row copper-fiber distribution

Phase 3 – Phase 3 consisted of the installation of the structured cabling and physical layer infrastructure of the building and Data Hall A.

To date, Xzact has installed.

  • Three Hundred (300) network-server cabinets
  • Six (600) data center floor cuts and “PANDUIT” Cold Boots
  • 5000 feet of cable tray
  • Seven hundred eighty (780) 12F OM3 Male MTP to Male MTP Plenum cable trunks
  • Twenty-eight (28) 12F Single-mode MTP to MTP Plenum cable trunks
  • Seventy-eight (78) 6-cable Category 6 Plenum trunk bundles
  • forty-eight (48) 734A Plenum DS3 cables
  • four (4) shielded Plenum T1 Extension cables
  • Five (5) 100-pair Category 3 Plenum Analog copper backbone cable
  • Two (2) 25-pair Category 3 Plenum Analog copper backbone cables

Xzact worked as a strategic member of the construction “team” to meet and exceed the customer deadlines. At the projects height the Xzact team consisted of twenty (20) technicians and two (2) Project Managers.

DAY 2 Services– WIPRO utilizes two (2) of Xzact’s employees as hardware engineers. Responsibilities include server configuration-installation, IP addressing, GBIX installation, CDU installation, swap out power supplies-hard drive and day to day data center administration.

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