Access Control

Access Control

Xzact can provide an access management solution for any size business. Whether you need simple access control for a few employees in a single building, or a variety of operations for thousands of employees in a multi-region system. The powerful, user-friendly software allows you to select the feature sets you need to build a scalable, cost-effective system.

The open platform system features a browser (web) thin client for easy installation and updating on multiple workstations, multiple monitor support, integration with Wireless/IP and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) locksets and other third party devices (DVR/NVR, intrusion detection, etc.) It features an optional Data Exchange utility that supports Microsoft Active Directory integration, along with scheduled data imports from various data sources. It also includes a Mobile Client that allows users to manage their access control system from any mobile device.

Features include:

Browser (Web) Thin Client

The browser-based web client feature gives users another option (in addition to traditional “fat client” and Terminal Services-based thin client) to utilize the software on their main server without having to install multiple copies on several workstations. This feature saves user’s time during both installation and updates.

Third Party Integration

Integration with Wireless/IP and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) locksets, and other third party devices such as DVRs, NVRs, CCTV, intercom, intrusion detection, and systems such as visitor management.

Granular User Privileges

Simply stated, this means that individual users can be authorized to access only specific functions of the system or facility as appropriate. This feature is important for administrators who need to restrict access to key system functions to only those persons with permission to use them. This is especially critical for defense and Homeland Security Department contractors.

Integrated Graphical Time-zone Display

This feature allows users to identify when a time zone is active (green in the graphical display), indicating that authorized cardholders have access to an area during the active period. It simplifies verification that time-zones are set up properly for workdays, holidays, etc.

Visitor Management

This powerful option moves your visitor management system beyond the level of visitors scribbling their name in a paper guest book. With Universal’s Visitor Management feature, you can electronically scan a visitor’s ID (driver’s license or business card), capture all relevant information about them in a database, and print a professional quality visitor badge.

Time & Attendance Support and Reporting

This optional feature is an important business productivity tool. It tracks employee entrance, exit, and total time on site, eliminating the need for time clocks and other such devices.

  • Smart Cards
  • Bio-Metric readers
  • Elevator Control
  • Mapping features
  • Remote door release
  • Card usage reporting
  • Gate Controls
  • Evacuation Reporting

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