Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Sound Masking System is also a versatile paging and music system. Each Network Control Panel accepts up to three line-level inputs, including any combination of microphone, music or telephone sources.

Minimal audio requirements

There’s no need to add sound generators, amplifiers or equalizers, because this technology is already integrated into the Primary Hubs. This high-level component integration reduces the typical costs, energy and space requirements for audio equipment.

Advanced zoning capabilities

The paging and music functions play over the same set of loudspeakers as the sound masking, but their zoning and settings are independent, so you never have to compromise. You can have areas with sound masking only, paging only or a combination – all within a single system.

Whereas most systems limit paging to a small number of predefined zones, the Sound Masking System’s zoning is digital, not hardwired. You can create, alter or delete an unlimited number of page zones on demand using Page Director Software.

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