Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Xzact's 8 years Datacenter Trends & Strategies research provides a holistic view of the issues that are most important to today's enterprise datacenter. While IT managers struggle with managing, simplifying, and making available complex IT infrastructure, datacenter managers are increasingly concerned with very real and sometimes limiting factors, such as floor space, power and cooling, datacenter consolidation, Physical Layer infrastructure (PLi) and staffing. Federal and state regulations are expected to drive compliance issues for the corporate datacenter, particularly with regard to green initiatives. Xzact will uncover the shifting needs of the datacenter using its Enterprise expertise and deep understanding of the data center needs.

The infrastructure and operations (I&O) organization is on the brink of a revolution fueled by the forces of mobile, social, cloud and information technologies. I&O leaders stand at the center of it all, challenged to ensure a stable enterprise infrastructure while supporting the agility required to act on new business opportunities. For many, the move toward an "Intelligent Data Center," capable of synthesizing an explosion of digital information, will enter the strategic mix, positioning I&O as a key contributor to business value and competitive advantage. Decision-makers will learn effective new ways to capitalize the forces of IT change, and proactively lead the way to fundamental I&O transformation. © 2013 - Gartner

Xzact provides engineering services, to help design and build mission critical Data Centers for the next generation of high-density DC for this decade and beyond.

Xzact Technologies Design Services Group allows you, the client, to meet with knowledgeable, skilled designers who are experts in their fields. We are planners & designers who can craft a specific solution to your technology challenges. We routinely meet with architects & engineers, property developers, end-users & client representatives to put together solutions unique to each project design.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Worldwide and U.S. datacenter sizing and categorization
  • Datacenter infrastructure and hardware
  • Power and cooling initiatives for the datacenter
  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Datacenter optimization and dynamic IT
  • Business alignment: U.S. datacenters' assessment of their alignment with key business objectives
  • Datacenter technology trends and innovation
  • Strategic vision: Issues, opportunities, and threats
  • Hosting infrastructure trends
  • IT and business direction: Macro trends to which datacenters are responding to ensure a viable, reactive, and agile IT organization
  • Cloud computing: The impact on the physical datacenter
  • Enterprise architecture: Datacenter infrastructure requirements for power and cooling, capacity planning, change control processes, system utilization, compute density, and alternate power
  • IT staffing and datacenter real estate/location/regionalization
  • Profiles of leading U.S. datacenters and best practices
  • Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM)

Core Research

  • Server Virtualization Trends
  • Top 5 Strategic – PLi Infrastructure Initiatives
  • IT Convergence
  • Datacenter – High Density
    • Hot Aisle Containment Solutions (HACS)
    • Cold Aisle Containment Solutions (CACS) Refrigerant Based
  • Datacenter Technologies and Trends – 40GB/100GB Migration
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Management Software Trends In addition to the insight provided in this service, Xzact may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional Xzact funding and client investment.

The solution to these challenges is to combine knowledge about data center environment characteristics with an understanding of IT-specific demographic market data.

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