Cloud Voice Solutions

Cloud Voice Solutions

Host Your Phone System in the Cloud

ShoreTel Sky is the only all-in-one cloud solution, from the phones and PBX capabilities to impelementation and support - giving you a brilliantly simple solution.

We take care of the phone system so you can focus on your business and your success. Learn how we do it.

Why cloud?

Traditionally, businesses deployed communications systems and applications by installing software on hardware located in their offices. Cloud computing and cloud communications offer a new paradigm in which systems are located in secure data centers, and service providers take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections. The benefits of this model are plentiful.

One of the greatest benefits of the cloud is its service delivery model. Your clients don’t have to own infrastructure, keep it safe, keep it running, and hire someone to manage it. In addition, they can buy what they need only when they need it and have it delivered wherever they are and in a way that is consistent and easy to use.

Businesses and employees are increasingly using cloud applications from Salesforce for CRM to Dropbox for storage and even Apple iTunes for their music. More and more applications and services are moving to the cloud; most likely your clients are using some sort of cloud application in their business today. As we see increasing acceptance of the cloud as a service delivery model for applications we ask "If your clients are moving their applications to the cloud, wouldn’t they want to move their business phone system there, too?"

Cloud communications benefits

  • Strategic use of IT resources

IT resources devoted to phone administration are not focused on key business initiatives and are not helping the company compete in the marketplace. ShoreTel Sky clients can focus on their core business while we focus on the phone system.

  • Scalability

With legacy on-premises systems there are capacity limits; they require frequent upgrades and are even more challenging when moving to new locations. Some first generation IP-based solutions may no longer be supported, resulting in customers having to start over with new systems at a tremendous expense and impact to their business. Cloud solutions eliminate worries about capacity planning, software and hardware upgrades*, and are easily scalable, up or down, to meet organizational needs. Most importantly, clients only pay for only what they use.

*note: Cloud phone service providers who do not design their own IP phones may have software upgrade incompatibilities; ShoreTel Sky is unique in that our 400 Series phones offer an end-to-end ShoreTel solution.

  • Flexibility

Cloud-based solutions enable users to respond to business changes by delivering on-demand features and services that businesses need today and tomorrow. You no longer have to pay for these services in advance of needing them, nor do you have to pay typical costs associated with upgrading or purchasing these features when they come available. Because of this, clients can be sure they have a solution that will stay current and evolve with their business.

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